'First Finders' is a property and land sourcing service tailor-made as far as possible to meeting individuals' requirements. With a focus on the south-west of England, the whole of the rest of Britain, Europe (and also beyond, if required) is within our sourcing scope. Currently, we have a particular focus on Somerset and London. Being more than an agency, many professional services are available, directly and by affiliation, which include plan drawing and specialist photography to illustrate development potential. Our aim with every property is to create an in-depth well-researched portfolio, liberally illustrated, of the merits and drawbacks that would be of interest and relevance to a potential purchaser.

This being a bespoke sourcing service, search contracts and fees are naturally tailored to a client's actual requirements. Some properties, however, are sourced and presented speculatively. These will be shown on a special part of the website. Some, also, are first purchased, and then resold (or let – even rented, in cases of short-term accommodation requirements or holiday use, for example).

'First Finders' service is in its early beginnings. It will become well linked to companies offering specialist services, including financial advice (which we are not qualified to give). We trust you will enjoy the website, which will be continuously refreshed with new content.

Please feel free to contact us for a chat about any part of our service.